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July Meeting – Canceled!   Leave a comment

We will be canceling the July meeting due to a lack of interest. We will be picking up in August with a talk on PowerShell 3.0. Please stay tuned for Eventbrite information!


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July Meeting – Adam Driscoll presents PowerShell 3.0 – Tentative   Leave a comment

In this session we will look at the new features that are available in PowerShell 3.0. This will include Windows Workflow, CIM, new PowerShell hosts and a look at some of the modules and cmdlets coming in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.

Please sign up on Eventbrite so that we can estimate the number of people that will be attending:

The 4th of the July is Wednesday, so if we do not have much interest in this meeting we may end up canceling. Make sure to check back here before arriving on Tuesday. I will post something Monday evening. 

When and Where

Tuesday, July 3rd
Presentation at 6:00PM CST
Hang out will start at 5:30PM CST

Address info:
2501 W Beltline Hwy
Madison, WI 53713

The conference room is in the East Tower on the 4th Floor in the
“Wipfli” space.

Remote Capabilities

We will be using a Google Hangout to broadcast Adam’s presentation.  We are going to attempt to use the Hangouts On Air feature to broadcast and record the presentation.  Please setup your Google+ account before the meeting. If you’d like to test out the Hangout capabilities, message Adam Driscoll on Google+.

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Script Club Meeting – May 1st   Leave a comment

Next meeting will be another script club meeting! We had a lot of fun last time and will be doing it again. Same plan as last time. Please bring scripts, ideas or questions to share with the group. We will be looking over them together. We look forward to welcoming Trevor Sullivan for our June meeting. Stay tuned for more information!

Looking for interesting scripts?
TechNet Script Center Repository

The meeting will start at 5:30 and go as long as people want to stay. We will be meeting at Wipfli as always. Hope to see you there!

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Meeting Notes – January 3rd – Ed Wilson Presents Windows PowerShell Best Practices   Leave a comment

Ed Wilson did a great presentation on PowerShell best practices and the use of modules. Thanks Ed! We met the first people in the group and had a great time talking about what we have been using PowerShell for. Many of us are new to PowerShell so if you are new as well we would love to have you join!


  • Ed’s Presentation was about an hour long.
  • We had 9 people attend in person and about 15 attend remotely.
  • Post-presentation last about 30 minutes with a couple give aways and some general discussion.

Related Links from today’s meeting

Other Notes

  • We are looking for feedback on what you’d like to get out of the next meeting. Please comment if you have some ideas!
  • One topic that was suggested was PowerShell 3.0, which Adam Driscoll would present. Let us know how you feel about that.
  • If you’d like to bring a script you’d like to look at as a group, please do! There will be time assigned during the next meeting.


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January Meeting – Ed Wilson and Windows PowerShell Best Practices   Leave a comment

Please mark your calendars for the first official Madison PowerShell User Group meeting! We are happy to welcome Ed Wilson, the Microsoft Scripting Guy. He’ll be speaking about PowerShell best practices. This is not a meeting to miss! If you’re just starting out or a seasoned PowerShell user, you will no doubt learn something from the Scripting Guy.

Windows PowerShell Best Practices

Learn Windows PowerShell best practices as they apply to each stage of the script development lifecycle. See the differences between working interactively from the Windows PowerShell prompt, writing an inline script, adding basic function, advanced functions and finally the implementation of Windows PowerShell Modules. What is a local best practice for Windows PowerShell development is not the same as a global best practice, and this talk covers those differences.

About Ed Wilson:

Ed Wilson, MCSE, MSCBA, MCT is the Microsoft Scripting Guy. As such, he writes the popular Hey Scripting Guy blog for Microsoft, speaks at conferences such as TechEd and TechReady. He is very active in the community and has spoken to numerous user groups around the world via Live Meeting and in person. Ed has written numerous books about VBScript, WMI, and Windows PowerShell scripting and his latest release is Windows PowerShell 2.0 Best Practices. In addition he wrote all the scripts for the Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Resource kits. Ed lives in York, South Carolina and Ed has been with Microsoft since 2001. Prior to becoming the writer of the Hey Scripting Guy blog Ed taught scripting workshops worldwide to Microsoft Premier customers.


We’ll be giving away a couple copies of Ed’s book Windows PowerShell 2.0 Best Practices and a copy of Managing Active Directory With Windows PowerShell by Jeffery Hick, a couple PowerGUI T-Shirts and some PowerGUI stickers.

When and Where

Tuesday, January 3rd

Meeting is scheduled for 5:30 PM.

Ed’s presentation is scheduled for 6PM.

Address info:
2501 W Beltline Hwy
Madison, WI 53713

The conference room is in the East Tower on the 4th Floor in the
“Wipfli” space.

Join us online!

If you can’t make the meeting in person, feel free to join the presentation online!

Join online meeting
Join by Phone
Find a local number
Conference ID: 34604217
Forgot your dial-in PIN? |  First online meeting?   

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Braining Storming Session – Take 1   1 comment

We are targeting December 5th for the first brain storming session. We will try to accomplish or discuss the following:

  • Format
  • Schedule
  • Demo, workshop and guest ideas
  • Getting official recognition

Please feel free to comment on this page or respond to the Google Group if you have ideas or suggestions.

Meeting is scheduled for 5:30 PM.

Address info:
2501 W Beltline Hwy
Madison, WI 53713

The conference room is in the East Tower on the 4th Floor in the
“Wipfli” space.

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