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Script Club Meeting – May 1st   Leave a comment

Next meeting will be another script club meeting! We had a lot of fun last time and will be doing it again. Same plan as last time. Please bring scripts, ideas or questions to share with the group. We will be looking over them together. We look forward to welcoming Trevor Sullivan for our June meeting. Stay tuned for more information!

Looking for interesting scripts?
TechNet Script Center Repository

The meeting will start at 5:30 and go as long as people want to stay. We will be meeting at Wipfli as always. Hope to see you there!


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Meeting Notes – April 3rd   Leave a comment

This evening we had our first script club meeting! The format was that members bring scripts, ideas or questions and we work through them as a group. We took a good look at some scripts that have been used for provisioning new user accounts and generating wiki documentation from PowerShell MAML help. We also work through some snippets involving hash tables and advanced functions. We also took at a look at some ways to produce GUIs in PowerShell. This included a quick look at Windows Forms, ShowUI and Primal Forms. Below are some of the snippets from tonight’s meeting.

If you’re interested in joining, feel free to show up on the first Tuesday of the month. If you have any questions about the group or the scripts posted below, please email the group using the Google Group.


function Test-ConnectionPort()

		$script:ping = new-object System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient


			$ping.Connect($server, $port)
			Write-Host "Succeeded"
			Write-Host "Failed"

Show UI Example

Import-Module ShowUI

$Window = window {
   stackpanel {
      label "Hey"
      TextBox "TxtBox"
      Button "MyButton"

Windows Forms UI

Add-Type -Assemblies System.Windows.Forms

$form = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form

Meeting Stats

  • 6 members in the room
  • Meeting lasted about 2 hours
  • 2 pizzas eaten

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February Meeting Notes   Leave a comment

Today we welcomed Steve Murawski from the Milwaukee Script Club. He presented on admin tools for free. We ran through some of the basic functionality that administrators can use that is built right into PowerShell. Rather than having a script sharing session, Steve presented for over an hour and half with a ton of great information. Thanks Steve for a great presentation!!

Steve runs the Milwaukee Script Club so if you are in the area, feel free to join them on every third Tuesday.

Links from the meeting


  • 7 Attendees in Person
  • 3 Attendees online
  • We spent about 20 minutes chatting and had a short announcements section
  • The presentation ran for 1 hour and 41 minutes

We had some issues with video during the meeting. We will try to correct this for future meetings. We did record this meeting but the video in the recording experienced the same issues that we had with video during the LiveMeeting. If you want to attempt to watch the video feel free to check it out here.

Our next meeting is scheduled for March 6th. We may adjust this date to coincide with the International PowerShell User Group day so stay tuned for that information!